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The original devices with a patented method for the maturation of the meat, the seasoning of the cured meat and the flavouring of the fish with pH control.

  • Salami Curing & Cooking
  • Meat Maturation
  • Curing & Smoking Fish

Create your own unique flavours

Our pH-controlled cabinets enable you to season, dry age, smoke and cook all types of traditional cured meats with our new Stagionello device, designed, manufactured and patented entirely in Italy.

Our professional systems are built with AISI 304 stainless steel with an internal and external scotch-brite finish to protect food contact and minimise contamination. With fully lockable, double-glazed doors, these cabinets are equipped with the patented Fumotic® and Climacure® systems as standard, which ensure the ideal environment for curing meat.

Our patent licensed for you

A revolutionary pH management method and device for curing cooking and dry ageing meat, fish, salami and dairy products, thus increasing their shelf life, nutraceutical values, taste and digestibility, while respecting all food safety standards

The Sicur Food Control® system, embodies, scientifically, all the principles of the Cuomo Method®, a patented system for safe and controlled food processing and/or preservation:

– European patent N° EP2769276B1 [EPO European Patent Office]

– Canadian patent N° CA2852650 recognised by the CIPO [Canadian Intellectual Property Office].

The only company worldwide certified in the “Design and manufacture of microclimatic cabinets, showcases and walk-in cold rooms, for the maturation, curing, drying and preservation of foodstuffs (IAF 18)”.

Why choose our Stagionello machines:

  • Unique system for processing fermentation and controlled maturation food with pH management and management of natural physical elements.
  • Maximum weight drops 14% during the first 50 days of the Maturation process, and weight loss control.
  • The possibility of maturing the meat in a safe and controlled way for up to 360 days and expressing the best organoleptic characteristics (taste and consistency).
  • No addition of additives at any stage of the processing process
  • The only device equipped with a cold flavouring system, not using any heat or combustion source to guarantee:
    The integrity of the product
    Conservation of all its properties
    No toxic residue deposited on food or inside the chamber Developed from sources of combustion.
  • Scientific transformation method, recognised and validated by any university.
  • Homogeneous ventilation system
  • CIP (cleaning in place) program
  • Ensure the quality of the product.
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • ISO 9001

Our Stagionello products are sold with a user training course and only operated using official products.

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