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Introducing a revolutionary new machine that combines the latest in 4.0 Gel Matic technology with a unique design that will make creating delicious, frozen treats easier and more efficient than ever before. Not only is this a powerful machine, but it also delivers a complete system to guide users throughout the entire process of ice cream production.

Get ready to explore the possibilities of this next-level technology with the introduction of the Giotto, a new era of ice cream machines!


Express gelato is the very freshest form of ice cream. It’s produced on the spot and ready in a matter of moments. Made with top-quality ingredients, the express blending process keeps all their properties intact.  Express gelato consists of between 30 and 40 per cent air, very much like artisan ice cream. An expert in express blending, Gel Matic offers a full range of machines, guaranteed to meet your every need. Short of space? Need high output? We have the right machine for you. “Made in Italy” tradition.


Frozen yoghurt or yoghurt ice cream is a healthy, low-fat food based on yoghurt. As soft as gelato, it contains less fat and is easy to digest and highly nourishing. Frozen yoghurt refreshes the palate and is rich in probiotics with its many benefits to the human body. Frozen yoghurt is produced in a matter of minutes in low-energy continuous blending units. Gel Matic offers a full range of machines, with models to suit all needs. Excellent performance, no matter what the climate. Their technological features and “look” can both be customised to fit into any concept, whether a self-service yoghurt bar or a manned station. Why not add frozen yoghurt to your bar, patisserie, stand or restaurant and watch your profits grow?


What could be better than a cool, flavourful drink prepared using soft ice cream, with a personal choice of aromas, fruit syrups and a range of toppings?  Starting with an excellent gelato, all the ingredients are blended to get a creamy drink that can replace a meal or be enjoyed as a tasty snack. Anywhere, anytime.  Gel Matic has produced a dedicated line of milkshake machines. Based on its express blending process, these let you produce both gelato and milkshake in just one machine. Simple.


The world of frozen patisserie includes gelato-based desserts and single takeaway portions. A frozen patisserie is an ideal way to boost your current business or set up a new one benefiting from an exclusive distribution formula. All is possible thanks to the ultra-simple express blending production cycle. Gel Matic has thought of everything. Its dedicated patisserie machines are really easy to use and a brilliant business opportunity.


Soft gelato and all the products that can be made using this have a particularly light texture and are warm and soft on the palate, for a variety of products with customised flavours and forms. All you need is a Gel Matic machine to make smoothies, sundaes and frapblends in an instant. Customise them with an assortment of toppings. Offer your customers a more superb choice.


One of Gel Matic’s key strengths is that it can adapt its machines to cater for the varying needs and, of course, tastes of any country. The design and production features of Gel Matic machines make for great versatility. Add exotic ingredients to your final product. Dream up mouth-watering desserts, pastries and drinks, confident that the flavours and textures you want can be achieved. Satisfy those special, individual demands.

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